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Friday, December 5, 2008

Breast Cancer & Deception or Lack of Information

While the report from Natural News that you can access by clicking on the link below is somewhat dramatic, I nevertheless am recommending you read it, not in order that you swallow it whole, but in order that you have another way of looking at the reality of cancer.

There is much information available from many sources about the general topic of alternative cancer care that goes beyond surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, and unfortunately most of us are not aware of it.

As someone who has been through the dark tunnel of cancer (uterine), and who took an active role in treatment, and who continues to take an active role in all that happens to my body, I only want to say this to you: inform yourself, but not only with classical oncologists. Read what others who have had cancer say, read what reports such as this one (and there are countless such reports) have to say. Take the information that resonates with you and only then decide how to proceed.

Breast Cancer Deception

Here are several brief excerpts from the report:

"To state it bluntly, most oncologists are [not particularly intelligent] when it comes to nutrition and vitamin D. Most doctors don't even understand the basics of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients. They're not stupid people, it's just that they've never been taught this information, and they consider it to be too "alternative" to embrace. Doctors have very fragile egos and don't like to be challenged by information they didn't think of first."

"The cancer industry claims to be empowering women with breast cancer screening, but it is actually guiding them towards a particular diagnosis and treatment plan that enriches the pharmaceutical companies. Keeping women ignorant (especially black women) is a key strategy in this plan, for if women were empowered with the real facts about how to easily prevent and reverse breast cancer, the cancer industry would lose millions of customers and billions in profits."

"The more a woman knows about how to prevent her own breast cancer through common foods, herbs, sunlight, exercise and avoidance of cancer causing chemicals, the less control the cancer industry has over her, and the less easily they can exploit her body to create a revenue stream that enriches the [...] drug companies.These tactics by the cancer industry are an affront to women everywhere. Instead of prevention, the industry proposes screening and disease management. Instead of education, the industry censors information and isolates women from real solutions by discrediting all forms of medicine it does not control." (italics mine)

"Even Dr. Ralph W. Moss -- a cancer expert from the world of conventional medicine who -- couldn't resist pointing out the hype surrounding Herceptin. He's published numerous articles questioning the Herceptin hype, and authored his own report called Herceptin - Or Deceptin?.In an article written for New Scientist magazine, Dr. Moss explains that Herceptin is practically useless for most women, and that the drug only prevented breast cancer for 0.6 percent of women in one trial. Yes, that's less than one out of a hundred. And yet Herceptin is widely heralded as a "miracle drug" by ignorant doctors, consumers and politicians."

22 things that PREVENT cancer:
  • Vitamin D and sunshine - see the Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D
  • Anti-cancer foods - see articles about anti-cancer foods
  • Green tea - see articles about green tea
  • Broccoli and cruciferous vegetables - see articles about broccoli
  • Medicinal mushrooms - reishi, shiitake, agaricus blazei, etc.
  • Lycopene and tomatoes
  • Infra-red saunas and sweat lodges - because sweating expels toxins
  • Chlorella - see articles on chlorella, or check out a recommended chlorella product: Rejuvenate! From IntegratedHealth.com
  • Pomegranate seeds - see artiles on pomegranate or http://www.ats.org/news.php?id=32
  • Omega-3 oils / chia seeds - available from GoodCauseWellness.com
  • Rainforest herbs - There are many anti-cancer rainforest herbs, including graviola and Cat's Claw (Una de Gato). Recommended sources is Terry Pezzi of the high-integrity Amazon Herb Company (also helping to preserve the Amazon rainforest) - Another great source of rainforest herbs is Rain Tree with Leslie Taylor
  • Juice detoxification - Read books by Dr. Gabriel Cousens or visit his retreat in Southern Arizona
  • Acupuncture - helps move blood and chi (body's energy)
  • Sprouts - ALL sprouts are anti-cancer. Best sprouting machine is the EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter (use any search engine to find resellers)
  • Red clover - Helps cleanse the blood. Find from any supplement maker.
    Deep breathing / oxygenation / stress reduction - Best product is called Stress Eraser (highly recommended)
  • Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates - These all boost lymph circulation
  • Cacao - (real chocolate) - Good sources are NavitasNaturals.com or Superfoods.com
    Therapeutic massage - helps move lymph, boost circulation
  • Mint - grow your own (the easiest plant to grow)
  • Apricot pits / laetrile / vitamin B17 - View this World Without Cancer video featuring G. Edward Griffin
  • Blackberries - Most berries contain some form of anti-cancer medicine

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