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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Radio Program December 2008

Once a month I will be posting the current list of topics for my weekly radio show.

Many changes have taken place at the local studio where I have been broadcasting for the past five years, and they are now closing their doors to the international section of their station.

Hence, although I will continue to broadcast, it will be via another venue and under the name Re-wiring the Soul, and only after a one-month hiatus. In other words, the next show will be early January 2009. Watch this blog for more details!

After five years of broadcasting a conventional radio show in Southern Spain about topics in the broad (and frequently eclectic) fields of integral psychotherapy and positive psychology, I wanted to venture further abroad. Thanks to my incredible interlocutor at the station, Brenda Padilla, we managed to produce 150 audio clips from that show and they are all available via my website or blog.

Re-wiring the Soul is the result of my desire for a change. Psychology per se is good, but we need to reach much further in our quest to create the balanced human being. The mission statement for this show might be “using all tools available via nutrition, fitness, psychology, cutting-edge empirical research, holistic therapies, spirituality, neuro-science, etc. to further the growth of the soul.”

This call-in talk show will welcome and interview guests from all walks of life, although occasionally I will be speaking alone. Those of you who have listened to my past programs know that the main message I have always woven through the shows has consisted of the need for becoming aware and then making good choices from this position of awareness. On this show that will be our guiding dictum.


Starting in October 2008 a new section was added to the topic areas that this website has addressed in the past. Several times a month I conduct interviews with key international figures in the fields of nutrition, business, healing, and science. They will be listed under Interviews on the Radio Page and uploaded to the website as the the respective audio clips are made available to me.

Here is a partial list of some upcoming shows (check scheduling each month for exact dates):

AUDIO ARCHIVES 2004 - 2008

Click here for radio show archives from 2004-2008 (not all are up, as not all were produced as audio files that I can upload to my sites, but you'll find more than 150 different radio shows!).

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