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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking For Solutions

Think about how you feel when you are looking for solutions. In other words, what you are doing is finding yourself in a process where you are focusing on moving towards a solution. You feel hopeful, you feel curious, you feel that you are in a forward moving frame of mind. You may even feel positive precisely because you are working on a solution.

Now what happens when you are looking at a problem? You may feel negative. You may feel hopeless. You find yourself in a process where you are focusing on something negative.

Essentially both scenarios arise from the same situation, but in one you are focusing on it in a way that promotes positive emotions ... seeking a solution ... and in the other you are focusing on it in a way that promotes negative emotions ... looking at a problem ...

Be aware of how you focus - not only in this, but in all else. By choosing how you focus, by having the clear intention that you will choose the path that promotes your inner well-being, you choose your energy. And the quality of your energy can totally change the landscape of your life.

Photo: Hai Island, Thailand

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