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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Growing Up To Speak From the Heart and Soul ... or ... The Good We See in Others

What goes into making a person who he becomes? So much, such potential variety. In the best sense of the word, a good, happy, safe, and secure childhood. Having said that, a very different kind of childhood can also bring out the best in an individual. A life fraught with hardship can bring one to that point, as can a life filled with joy.

In this article in the Inquirer, some of Barack Obama's background is revealed: Obama has said that it was his mother’s extreme idealism—her continued ability to see the good in people—that he most admired in her. Perhaps, it is also the trait that many people (jaded ones included) now find attractive in him—the overriding message of many of his speeches—“of how all of us are bound together as one, and that if we are to prosper as a country, and indeed, as a species, we must focus on the good we see in others .” read entire article here

What a vision ... all of us are bound together as one ... read more posts about this topic on this blog by clicking here

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