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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Caring For the Brain

We can never remind ourselves often enough to care for our brain by using it. Neurogenesis, or the creation of new neurons, happens much more readily if we deliberately promote it. Enhancing our brain enhances our well-being. See more articles on this blog about the brain here.

Sharp Brains published this post some time ago, and gives excellent explanations for each of the points I've copied here. Please go to Sharp Brains to read the entire article: The Ten Habits of the Highly Effective Brain:

  • Use It or Lose It
  • Take care of your nutrition
  • Physical exercise enhances neurogenesis
  • Practice positive, future-oriented thoughts
  • Thrive on Learning and Mental Challenges
  • Aim high. Keep learning
  • Explore, travel. Make new decisions, use your brain
  • Don't outsource your brain
  • Develop and maintain stimulating friendships
  • Laugh. Often.

Photo: Zanzibar

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