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Monday, October 13, 2008

Turn Away

We refer so often to what we can do about negative feelings, pain, and despair. So many techniques, so much talking, so many workshops, and so many (hundreds and hundreds) of books to help, and yet so many people continue to seek prescriptions for anti-depressants or anxiety medication, and so many people trying so hard to get themselves to a better place and just can´t seem to do so.

Sometimes it takes a paradigm shift.

Sounds so very complicated.

And that's the paradigm shift. We seems to expect it has to be complicated. And it is not. We just have to get our heads around the idea that it is not complicated and that we can do it by a mere shifting of attention (and of believing that we can actually do so without the grinding sheer desperate hard work we expect to be confronted with).

What I am saying here is not that you will not need discipline and stick-to-it-iveness. You will need that. But it need not be complicated.

So the paradigm shift that it is not complicated means that you will allow yourself to look at the possibility that all it takes is for you to turn away from your despair and your pain. Look in the other direction.

Pivot about on your inner heel 180 degrees and look in the other direction. Allow your inner self to embrace the possibility that it can be that easy. That once you look in the other direction, and allow yourself to see or imagine or think of something different than what you had been focusing on, you will begin to note a slight energetic shift. And that is the beginning.

Concentrate on that and begin to look further in that direction. You will not be forsaking your responsiblity to your pain and despair. Rather, you will be fulfilling your first and foremost duty to yourself: maintaining your energetic frequency as high as you possibly can in order to make the most of your inner and outer self.

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