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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Favorite Links That Offer Downloads

Although the list that follows is always visible on the right sidebar of this blog if you scroll down, I have found that many don't see it, and so I decided to reproduce it here for greater ease and convenience.

These are all magnificent websites (depending on your interests) that offer downloads (most are free, but not all) of lectures, seminars, interviews, and the like.

If you who have read some of the posts here on my blog about energy, you will know how much I emphasize the importance of ensuring that you are vibrating at a high energetic frequency.

When you are first moving into this type of thinking, it is not necessarily easy to put this into practice. Therefore it is very valuable to be able to use some of these downloads (burn them on to CD's) throughout your day, when you have a few minutes of time. I use them in the car every day, as I drive to my office and back, others use them in the morning when they are getting ready, or at lunch time. Have a good selection on hand, so you can pick and choose, and you will soon notice those that offer you better energy than others.

Some are too short to bother burning, and of course there are many, many others available for purchase from some of the excellent authors and speakers I frequently recommend on this blog, who have professionally produced CD series, but this list is just too good to pass up.

Check back, as I keep addding links.

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