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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Amazing Symbolism Inherent In My Ficus Trees

Early last year I blogged about the symbolism of the outer aspects of a person's life with regards to what was going on in the inner life, and told the story of some ficus trees I have. Feng Shui Order, Replanted Ficus Trees, & Bees.

Those trees have developed and thrived, but not as much as I would have expected. In particular one of them remained somewhat stunted, both in exuberance of leaf growth and in aspect of the leaves it actually had.

Again, I was looking for (and found) parallels in my own life, and decided I had to do something about the tree. You are going to laugh, but I realized I had planted a small decorative plant in the area around the trunk (in the large pot in which the tree sits), and it came to me that perhaps that plant, small as it was, might be comandeering all the life-giving water that the ficus needed for it to flourish (and I found parallels in my own life).

I uprooted this small plant, and lo and behold saw that it had enormous water-absorbing roots. They were very healthy. In a sense these roots were parasites, leaching the very life blood from the ficus roots. Again, I looked to parallels in my own life (and found them).

So I decided to leave the ficus tree on its own, no more small decorative, but vampire-like plants to adorn it, I added some fertilizer, some more soil, and I begin to water with devotion. At first those leaves that it had that were lush all fell off. I decided perhaps the fertilizer had been too much of a good thing (again, I found parallels), but what was done, was done, so I waited out the process (more parallels).

When no leaves were left at all, and as I continued to water with a passion, new tender buds started appearing with a passion (again, parallels), they grew with astounding speed (more parallels), and they increased in number, also with astounding speed.

And so, on symbolic levels, things were/are happening inside of me. I tell you this story to point out that there is much on the outer level that gives us insight into the inner one as long as we are willing to look for it and then to truly see it.

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  1. Perfect and I completely understand! I had a money tree that I noticed, about a month ago, had been attacked by some sort of parasite. I could tell because the leaves had these drippings on them. I knew as soon as I looked at the plant and its leaves that the drippings were symbolic of other people's energy that was clinging to me, and was seeping out of me. I am an empath so this is kind of par for the course, but I must not had realized it until then. It was suffocating me and taking over my space, just like this parasite had done for the plant.