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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Your Vibration

This quote from Abraham says so much, if you will just take it in. The italics were added by myself.

Do you know people that work really, really, really hard and don’t have much money flowing into their experience?

Do you know people that don’t seem to work hard at all who have a lot of money flowing through their experience?

Do you understand that they have figured that out? They have just tweaked themselves vibrationally and that’s what makes the difference.

Its not about action. Its about vibrational alignment. So do you get that that’s the real work that you want to do? It’s energy work. It’s vibrational work. It’s attitudinal work. It’s feeling work. It’s thinking thoughts that feel good. It’s telling the new story, becoming the writer of your story the way you want it to be.

Do you think it is wrong for someone to have a lot of money?

If someone has a lot of money do they deprive someone else of money?

Is the pile of money a finite pile that has to be divided out or is it expanding exponentially based upon your desire?

Do you see that there are a lot of people that have asked and there is a veritable fortune ready to be received that is not being allowed by thoughts of worry?

Can you see how thoughts of recession or thoughts of depression are not about any reality? They’re about focus!

Do you know that there are those that thrive in the worst of times?

And that there are those that don’t do well in the best of times?

Do you get it that it’s about vibration and not about any sort of reality?

Photo: Togo (Togolese Republic, West Africa)

Abraham 2008 Mexican Cruise

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