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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Online Adventures into Consciousness

You may like her, you may not, but you've got to admire her! Oprah is - in many ways - a trailblazer.

Together with Eckhart Tolle she began a global session of classes on the internet at Oprah.com ... but she went a step further than the typical online webinars or teleclasses, or other web-based audio versions of classes or lectures. You not only hear Oprah and Tolle discussing each chapter of his book A New Earth (each class is about one chapter of the book and lasts about 90 minutes), but if you "attend" the webinar classes live, you also see Oprah and Tolle (with as good a resolution as you get on a decent TV screen), and you can email questions or phone in via regular landline or mobile and you can phone in via Skype, which means the viewers of said classes, are also able to see the Skype caller presenting his or her question.

How good is that?

Whether you like Tolle's work or not, whether you like Oprah or not, this is, nevertheless, an incredible way to spread information, to allow people from all over the world to participate, and furthermore, perhaps the most incredible part of it, is that Oprah and Tolle have not put a price tag on this. It is totally and 100% complimentary. There is one brief commercial about every 25 or 30 minutes during a 90 minute class.

There is another advantage over the many sites that charge for tele-classes or webinars: not only are replays available ... also at no charge ... but they are down-loadable, also at no charge.

I can only assume that Oprah and Tolle are doing this because:
  • they believe in the message

  • they believe they will be able to reach many more this way (not charging), than even by charging a nominal fee. Many people with access to the internet, nevertheless live in countries where paying by credit card or Paypal makes life difficult, if not impossible. During the first class, Oprah refers to a global audience of over 700,000 individuals in 139 countries. Talk about getting the message out there!!

Ten classes are available.

And don't forget Oprah's Soul Series, also with no charges attached ... no membership fees ... only good talks (webcasts) with inspirational leaders of this time, and again, downloadable for offline listening or sharing with others at your convenience. And many others are there as well from her radio shows.

These are wonderful ways to keep your energy in a good place, your energetic frequency high, as I have so often recommended in your quest for inner freedom.

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