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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Don't Make Decisions

When we take small decisions, such as what to have for breakfast, or which suit to wear to work, normally the consequences of these decisions do not have the power to wreak much havoc in our lives (unless we insist on have junk food for breakfast every day, and choose to wear inappropriate clothing to work).

But when we take decisions of another nature:

- shall I say this to this person?
- shall I agree to this situation?
- do I really want to do this?
- do I really want to go to this place?

In such situations, we want to be able to ask ourselves whether we have our emotions well in hand. If we are in rage, or if our heart is not in a good place, we may want to postpone taking the decision.

Your emotions - as important as they are - when they are negative emotions, such as rage, or pain, or jealousy, etc., are not conducive to taking good decisions. Simply postpone the decision to a time when you are not in this state. No one is forcing you to decide now. Or if they are trying to manipulate you to to do so, it is perhaps, another clue that it is not a good moment to take a decison. Decisions should not be coerced or manipulated by others.

If you decide now, you are not in a good place, and what you decide may not be the best decision for you. So wait.

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