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Monday, August 18, 2008

Alternative Bipolar Treatment

One of the blogs I frequently peruse - as I've mentioned in the past - is Discover and Recover. Its latest post is always available for quick viewing on the right sidebar of my own blog, by scrolling down to the list of blogs I often read.

The blog includes a very comprehensive list of links to sites that offer ideas, support, and help for those struggling with this tremendously misunderstood condition. Duane Sherry, the owner of the blog, posted an article the other day that is important reading for anyone with an interest in bipolar problems.

It is the story of Autumn Stringam who ran the gamut of a life-shattering diagnosis of bipolar disorder to mind-numbing psychotropic meds to the inadvertent discovery of what a combination of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) along with amino acids could do for her.
This is the link to the post on Duane's blog: Autumn Stringam: Recovery Story Published in ‘HealthKeepers’ and this is the link Duane indicates leading to Healthkeepers magazine where Autum's entire story is available for online reading: A Promise of Hope for Bipolar Disorder.

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