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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Five Things You Should Not Expect to Get From Your Relationships (Unless You Already Supply All of Them For Yourself)

  1. Happiness

  2. Fulfilment

  3. Satisfaction

  4. Security

  5. Happy-Ever-After
Why? Because if you expect to get them from your relationship and are not already working yourself towards giving them to yourself, then what happens if your relationship gives them to you to a lesser degree than you want? Or what happens if your supplier of all of these things leaves you? Or dies? Or says that since you aren't supplying him/her with a satisfactory amount of one of them, he/she won't supply you with the amount you want?

Do you see?

This must come from the self for the self. We are not meant to be seeking this from our partners. And thus the relationship will not have to bear this burden. It makes for much better relationships and it also means both parties in the relationship are much more emotionally mature with a much higher degree of emotional intelligence. Their connection to the self is higher, and they are, of course, much more conscious and aware individuals. 

It's a choice ...

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