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Thursday, June 19, 2008

As Wars Go, This One Is Not Very Important ... Or Is It?

Women of a certain age dye their hair. Hence we have generations of women looking much younger than our grandmothers and mothers did.

Not particularly transcendent.
Or is it?
Some advocate that it is not authentic. That by dying our hair we become less real. And certainly, by dying our hair we encourage future generations of women to concern themselves with the evanescence of youth as much as those women who snip away at, botox, and collagen their faces, and have annual sessions of lipsosuction.
Time Magazine did an excellent article on the subject:
Identical twins Mary and Alice Lieberman have been zygotically close all their 55 years, even as adults living hundreds of miles apart. Two years ago, they were especially excited about seeing each other: Mary, a social worker, had moved to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., from Austin, Texas, and she hadn't seen Alice, a social-work professor at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, for more than a year.
As the sisters approached each other on a street in Lawrence, Mary stopped dead in her tracks. Seven months earlier, she had stopped coloring her hair, but only now, seeing Alice, did she fully register what she had done: "I saw my brunet twin coming toward me and had the uneasy feeling that she looked like me, only five or 10 years younger. After I saw her, I hated my hair." read more
Photo: Roman Bridge, Guadalquivir River, Cordoba, Spain

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