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Friday, May 30, 2008

Changing the World from the Inside Out May 31 Internet Broadcast

Changing the World from the Inside Out
A special 6-hour continuous internet audio broadcast

Saturday May 31, 2008

EST (New York City): 11AM - 5PM

PST (San Francisco): 8am-2pm

BST (London): 4pm-10pm

CET (Paris): 5pm-11pm

EET (Tel Aviv): 6pm-12am

IST (New Delhi): 8.30pm-2.30am

AEST (Sydney): 1am-7am

Featuring Andrew Cohen in dialogue with Ken Wilber and Deepak Chopra and guest interviews including:
  • Calvin Phipps and Robb Smith, CEO’s of EnlightenNext and Integral Life

  • Carter Phipps, What Is Enlightenment? magazine

  • Linus Roache, star of NBC’s Law & Order

  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, evolutionary pioneer

  • Siona van Dijk, Director of Gaia Community

  • Jeff Eisen, enlightenment psychologist

  • Richard Olivier, leadership consultant

  • See below for full schedule

Join hosts Jeff Carreira and Elizabeth Debold for this 6-hour special internet audio broadcast on May 31.

Jeff Carreira, Director of Education, EnlightenNext Dr. Elizabeth Debold, Senior Editor, What Is Enlightenment? magazine.


EST (New York) 11am-12pm: A Brief History of Cultural Change

PST (San Francisco): 8am-9am BST (London): 4pm-5pm CET (Paris): 5pm-6pm EET (Tel Aviv): 6pm-7pm IST (New Delhi): 8.30pm-9.30pm AEST (Sydney): 1am-2am

Live Guest: Carter Phipps, Executive Editor, What Is Enlightenment? magazine in dialogue with Elizabeth Debold.

Special Announcement: Andrew Cohen will be joining the discussion during this hour!

EST (New York) 12pm-1pm: Evolutionary Enlightenment in Action

PST (San Francisco): 9am-10am BST (London): 5pm-6pm CET (Paris): 6pm-7pm EET (Tel Aviv): 7pm-8pm IST (New Delhi): 9.30pm-10.30pm AEST (Sydney): 2am-3am

Featured interview: Dr. Jeff Eisen, enlightenment psychologist, bringing philosophy into action

Additional Interviews:

Lynn Montgomery, Prison Psychiatrist, rehabilitating in the US prison system

Joan Berland, Teacher, releasing creativity in children’s classrooms

Michael Wombacher, Author, exploring evolutionary spirituality through his new book 11 Days at the Edge

Rodrigo Tarraza, Musician, pushing boundaries in music with the band Unfulfilled Desires

Meredith Urie, Mayor, East Gippsland, Australia, bringing new perspectives to civic service

EST (New York) 1pm-2pm: Live Guru and Pandit Dialogue on Creating the Culture of the Future

PST (San Francisco): 10am-11am BST (London): 6pm-7pm CET (Paris): 7pm-8pm EET (Tel Aviv): 8pm-9pm IST (New Delhi): 10.30pm-11.30pm AEST (Sydney): 3am-4am

Live Guests: Andrew Cohen, spiritual teacher and founder of EnlightenNext in dialogue with Ken Wilber, integral philosopher and founder of Integral Institute.

EST (New York) 2pm-3pm: Evolutionary Business

PST (San Francisco): 11am-12pm BST (London): 7pm-8pm CET (Paris): 8pm-9pm EET (Tel Aviv): 9pm-10pm IST (New Delhi): 11.30pm-12.30am AEST (Sydney): 4am-5am

Live Guests: Calvin Phipps, CEO EnlightenNext and Robb Smith, CEO Integral Life.
Dial-in Q&A with listeners

Featured interviews:

Brian Robertson, Founder, HolacracyOne, pioneering new organizational structures for business and culture.

Mick Quinn, Author, engaging with the evolution of value spheres, through his book The Uncommon Path

Richard Olivier, independent consultant, bringing the world of theatre and the arts into the development of authentic leaders

Brandie Redinger, entrepreneur, breaking new ground in the healing and performing arts

EST (New York) 3pm-4pm: Online communities, collective consciousness and media outlets

PST (San Francisco): 12pm-1pm BST (London): 8pm-9pm CET (Paris): 9pm-10pm EET (Tel Aviv): 10pm-11pm IST (New Delhi): 12.30am-1.30am AEST (Sydney): 5am-6am

Live Guests:

Siona van Dijk, Director of Gaia Community and Linus Roache, star of NBC’s popular drama, Law and Order.
Dial-in Q&A with listeners.

Featured interview: Barbara Marx Hubbard, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

EST (New York) 4pm-5pm: How to Infuse New Ideas into Mainstream Culture

PST (San Francisco): 1pm-2pm BST (London): 9pm-10pm CET (Paris): 10pm-11pm EET (Tel Aviv): 11pm-12am IST (New Delhi): 1.30am-2.30am AEST (Sydney): 6am-7am

Live Guests:

Andrew Cohen in dialogue with Deepak Chopra, spiritual teacher, author, and founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.

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