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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why People Don't Heal & Forgiving

Caroline Myss, an author I frequently mention in my blogs, wrote a book some time ago called Why People Don't Heal which also came out as an audio CD and a DVD.

In it, being able to forgive figures heavily as being part of the healing process, as well as explaining why - those who are unable, or don't want to forgive - don't heal.

She states: We are more afraid of the speed of change than we are of forgiving somebody. We're afraid to forgive because we know in our gut that our life will move faster, that we will have more change than we know how to handle. One of the reasons, if not the strongest reason that we hold on to the painful past is because it's a way of stopping pain from the future from coming toward us.

An excerpt from the DVD can be found here (under 10 minutes):

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