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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Cells, Activities, Thoughts & Feelings

Cleve Backster, about whom I wrote in another post titled Plants, Bio-communication, & Creation, is featured in several interviews I just ran across.

He is the scientist who showed the world back in the 60's that plants hooked up to polygraphs, react to human thought (the thoughts of the lab scientist), at the time the scientist is thinking the thought, long before the thought passes to action. What greater proof do we need to accept the fact that our thoughts affect others and their thoughts affect us? What greater proof do we need to accept the fact that we are all intertwined molecules, entangled, as quantum physicists would have us believe? And - if we are indeed all intertwined molecules - as I have often written, does it not mean we are all one? And that what one does affects all?

That experiment by Backster in itself was fascinating enough, but other elements of his research took him into the arena of human cells. He extracted leukocytes (human white cells) from the mouth of a donor who then went anywhere from 20 - 300 miles away, and undertook various activities, recording them all, as well as the reactions to those activities, and the time at which they took place. When there was stress for the donor, the white cells - wired to an EEG - also reacted at the same time.

What greater proof do we want for the fact that all that we do, feel, and think impacts on our physiology, on our body? And what greater proof do we want for the fact that it behooves us to take very good care of the manner in which we do all of these: actions and reactions, feelings and thoughts? In this process - for which we are wholy responsible - lies our good health and inner state of well being.

To read more about Cleve Backster and his research, read these two interviews from 2004 and 2003 here.

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