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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Theta Healing

View of La Concha, Marbella, Spain
Thanks to an acquaintance in Florida, Gwenn Bonnell, herself an energy worker, I was made familiar with another energy work modality called theta healing, which has been developed by Vianna Stibal, an amazing lady who cured herself of terminal bone cancer, and has since gone on to cure many others of a variety of ailments, and who has also gone on to teach theta healing to many more.

Vianna's book, ThetaHealing, not only describes the journey she underwent in order to come to the place in which she currently is, with thousands all over the world having benefitted from the technique, but also shares much of the actual process.
Amazon.com writes "Vianna Stibal is a grandmother, an artist and a writer. Her natural charisma and compassion for those in need of help have also given her the ability to be titled healer , intuitive and teacher . After being taught how to connect with God to co-create and facilitate this unique process called Theta Healing, Vianna knew that she must share this gift with as many people as she could. It was this love and appreciation for God and fellowman that allowed her to develop the ability to see clearly into the human body, effectively change DNA and dramatically change lives for the better. Her encyclopedic knowledge of the body's systems and deep understanding of the human psyche, based on her own experience as well as the insight given to her by God, makes Vianna the perfect practitioner of this amazing technique. She has successfully worked with such medical challenges as Hepititus C, Epstein-Barr, AIDS, herpes, tumors, various types of cancers, and many other conditions, diseases and genetic defects. Vianna knows that the Theta Healing technique is teachable, but beyond that she knows that it needs to be taught. Vianna conducts seminars all over the world to teach people of all races, beliefs and religions. She has trained teachers and practitioners who are working in fourteen countries, but her work will not stop there! Vianna is committed to spreading this healing paradigm throughout the world. "

There are currently some YouTube videos available to see a little more. The woman in these videos is Melinda Lee, a certified medical intuitive healer, herself a former student of Vianna Stibal's, who now teaches and practices Theta Healing also.

Here are two of them (each less than 5 minutes long):

Theta Healing Part I:

Theta Healing Part II:

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