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Friday, February 22, 2008

Results of Search For VRS (Voice Recognition Software)

Since my last post a week ago, after I fractured my right wrist, I asked my readers, as well as friends and acquaintances to help me in my search for voice recognition software, because of course it is very difficult to type with only one hand, especially if it is the left hand and you are right handed.

I appreciate the information I received, in particular that of one very dear friend who put me onto a software called Dragon Naturally Speaking. With this software, which I was able to purchase here in Spain for use in English and Spanish, I am able to talk and then see my words immediately appear on the screen. This is a wonderful thing for someone like myself or someone in my position, especially bearing in mind how quickly one is able to make it work in a fairly decent fashion.

Everything that you’re reading here is the result of my voice telling the computer what to do to finetune the software on the occasions that there are mistakes (files are maintained with your corrections for future reference). I am also able to talk the software into correcting mistakes as long as I actually learned how to do that while I was training with the software.

Interestingly, this software will train a number of different users because of course we all speak the same language differently. So those of us who speak English don't necessarily all pronounce it the same way, and then there are those of us who write, read, and speak in a number of different languages, and therefore in this particular software I sign in as different users depending on the language I wish to use, which allos the software to switch to the language (and its stored correction and usage files) immediately.

The software basically allows me to do exactly the same kind of thing with my voice as I would normally do using the keyboard with my hands. So it's quite amazing. It is even allowing me to use it with Blogger or or in any kind of chat software, in Outlook, apart from typical or more conventional software such as MS Word or Excel and so on.

On another note, I believe that this software has the potential to revolutionize the lives of many and will certainly revolutionize at least my own personal and business life.

Clearly, one can speak much more quickly than one can type. Once the software has been trained in such a way that one can actually speak as quickly as one normally would (right now. I'm speaking the way I might speak to someone who needs very careful enunciation rather than the way I would normally speak), the potential is that one could dictate exactly the way lawyers do in a courtroom when the stenographers are taking down every single word that is spoken. I don't know about you, but when I am working using the keyboard with my hands I always find that my thoughts go way ahead of my hands, but this way I am able to speak, and the computer types exactly what I'm saying (except when it misunderstands me, which can be hilarious...but again, as stated, the more you correct the software's misunderstanding, the more it understands - and transcribes - your words correctly).

The orthopaedic surgeon who repaired my fracture (with external fixation via four nasty looking pins and a cast) said that he also wants to start using this software. Attorneys who are friends have said the same thing. Engineers, housewives, hoteliers, businessmen of all kinds, and certainly writers and other creative types who might gain a great deal of time by using voice recognition software, could benefit from it.

As I explained earlier, in order to use this software, one does have to train not only oneself using the tutorials, but also the software in the recognition of your way of pronouncing words in different languages, and therefore, for today this shall be enough. And I will continue training in order to be able to produce posts on this blog without typing. (Future posts shall not be about voice recognition software).

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