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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Workshops February - June 2010

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Upcoming Workshops
from the
Conscious Journey Within Series
Read about all 13 Workshops in the Series by clicking here
February 6 (Thursday) Mini Workshop from 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Learning to Love the Self

(Repeat workshop. If you attended the one in December or January, you are welcome to come to this one at no charge)

In this short workshop you will learn new techniques that you can begin to apply right now in order to feel better about yourself, in order to begin to love yourself in a healthy way, promoting well-being in your physical self, your psychological self, your emotional self and your spiritual self. (Cost 25 € if registration and payment are completed prior to Tuesday, Feb. 4th midnight, or 35 € thereafter).

February 11 (Tuesday - WEEKLY GROUPS)
Lunch & Learn / Drink Coffee & Discover

Lunch & Learn Beginning January 12th, weekly meetings of Lunch & Learn are scheduled. Bring your lunch in a paper bag and learn while you lunch. Each meeting will run 90 minutes from 14:15 – 15:45. Weekly cost is 10 €.

Participation is by registering for a minimum of 6 consecutive meetings.

Feb 4: Learning how to deal with your own anger
Feb 11: Can jealousy be handled?
Feb 18: What can we do about depression
Feb 25: Happiness and how we can achieve it daily

Drink Coffee & Discover: With enough interest, weekly meetings of Drink Coffee & Discover can be also scheduled for non-working home-makers from 10:00-11:30 on Thursdays.

List of dates and weekly topics will be supplied to interested parties

16 febrero (martes - GRUPOS SEMANALES)
Almorzar y Aprender / Tomar Café y Descubrir

Almorzar y Aprender: Empezando el 13 de enero, se darán charlas semanales de Almorzar y Aprender. Trae tu almuerzo en un Tupper o en una bolsa de papel y aprende durante la comida. Cada reunion sera de 90 minutos desde las 14:15 – 15:45. Durante la mitad del tiempo hablaré sobre el tema de la semana, y el resto del tiempo, será una charla general. El coste es de 10 € semanales.

Se hace la inscripción con un mínimo de 6 reuniones consecutivas.

Febrero 16      Aprendiendo a trabajar con tu enfado
Febrero 23     ¿Se pueden controlar los celos?
Marzo 2         ¿Cómo se puede vencer la depresión?
Marzo 9         La felicidad – conseguirla a diario

Tomar Café y Descubrir: Si hay suficiente interés, se organizarán reuniones semanales de Tomar Café y Descubrir para personas que no trabajan en una empresa ajena durante el horario de 10:00-11:30.

La lista de fechas y temas semanales se dará a las personas interesadas.

16 febrero (martes)

El enfoque de este grupo no es solamente apoyar a todos aquellos que han sido diagnositicados recientemente con cáncer, sino también a todos aquellos que llevan viviendo con la enfermedad desde hace tiempo. Debido al hecho de que el mensaje subyacente de este grupo de apoyo será de efectuar cambios que realcen la vida desde el punto de vista de cómo se percibe el cáncer, es decir, desde el punto de vista holistico, cuerpo, mente y espíritu, el grupo también da la bienvenida a todos aquellos que convivan con un miembro de la familia que tenga cáncer, o que tengan un amigo en dichas condiciones. Poder continuar a vivir con un enfoque positivo a pesar del diagnóstico o de la enfermedad, poder reconocer que cuánto más hagas por ti mismo desde dentro, tanto mayor será la posibilidad de vencer la enfermedad. Esta es la meta primordial de este grupo.

Los martes desde las 12:00 - 13:30. Coste: 10 € por sesión pero se requiere un mínimo de 10 reuniones consecutivas.

February 18 (Thursday)

This group aims at supporting not only those who have been recently diagnosed with cancer, but also those who have been living with the disease for some time. Due to the fact that the underlying message of this support group will be to effect life-enhancing changes in how the cancer is viewed, from the holistic point of view, i.e., body, mind, spirit, it also welcomes family members and caretakers of those who are ill. Being able to continue to live with a positive mind-set despite the diagnosis or the illness, being able to recognize that the more you do for yourself on the inner level, the greater your chances for overcoming the disease, is the overarching aim of this group.

Weekly on Thursdays from 12 noon to 13:30. Cost 10 € per group, but a minimum commitment of ten consecutive sessions is required.

25 febrero (jueves) Mini Taller de 19:30 – 21:30
Aprendiendo a Amarse a Uno Mismo

En este taller breve, aprenderás nuevas técnicas que puedes empezar a usar ahora mismo para sentirte major en tu piel, para que puedas empezar amarte de una manera más sana, promoviendo así tu bienestar físico, psicológico, emotivo y spiritual. (25 € si la inscripción y el pago se hacen antes del martes 19 a medianoche, o 35 € después). Si ya viniste a una sesión previa de este taller, puedes volver a asistir gratuitamente.

March 4 (Thursday) Mini Workshop from 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Learning to Love the Self

(Repeat workshop. If you attended the one in December or January, you are welcome to come to this one at no charge)

In this short workshop you will learn new techniques that you can begin to apply right now in order to feel better about yourself, in order to begin to love yourself in a healthy way, promoting well-being in your physical self, your psychological self, your emotional self and your spiritual self. (Cost 25 € if registration and payment are completed prior to Tuesday, March 2nd midnight, or 35 € thereafter).

March 13 (Saturday) Marbella
Emotional Unavailability in Relationships:
What does it say about your partner? More importantly: What does it tell you about YOU?

Why do some people frequently find themselves in relationships with emotionally unavailable partners? Why are some individuals emotionally unavailable, yet seek out relationships with unwitting partners who - at least initially - have no idea what they are letting themselves in for? Is emotional unavailability a character flaw? Or does it come about due to conscious and unconscious decisions made throughout the lifespan based on disturbingly painful experiences? Is the attraction to an emotionally unavailable partner inevitable; does it signify there is something wrong with you; or is it also a product of difficult prior experiences? Finally: can any of this be changed?

March 20 (Saturday) Marbella
Learning How to Tap: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) & Your Health and Well-being

Tapping has been around for about 20 years, and yet most people are only now beginning to hear about it. I’ve been using it for about a decade and in my private practice it has become a most helpful tool. EFT is an energy technique (it uses the energetic meridians to work on blockages in the body’s system) that has been used on just about everything: migraines, panic attacks, relationship pain, jealousy attacks, worry, fear, back-aches, etc. EFT is not hard to learn yourself, and in this workshop you will not only get an introduction, but some real, hands-on training, as well as a manual to use when you are at home. (Cost 60 € ).

April 17 (Saturday) Marbella
Life Focus, Intention, and Success: Understanding the Law of Attraction and Applying it to Your Immediate Life

We’ve all seen The Secret, we’ve all been inundated with information about the Law of Attraction, and I hear people telling me over and over again: “But how do I apply this information? It just doesn’t work for me, because I have no idea how to make use of it.” This workshop aims at resolving precisely that dilemma.

May 15 (Saturday) Marbella
Jungian Dream Symbolism and Interpretation in Relationships: How your Anima and Animus appear in your dreams to show you the direction you are taking

Have you ever wondered what your dreams really mean? Is it possible that you dream for no real reason? Or do you dream because your dreams are in fact a mechanism by which your subconscious mind tries to communicate with your mind? If so, then it might be very important to not only remember your dreams but particularly, to learn how to understand them. This introductory workshop focuses on exploring a variety of dream interpretation techniques and on beginning to understand the rich symbolism of dreams, because by understanding your dreams, you can also acquire a greater degree of self-awareness and self-understanding. (60 €)

June 12 (Saturday) Marbella
Past Life Regression:
Its Role in Healing Unresolved Parental Issues and Relationship Difficulties

How many people have done a great deal of work on themselves and their relationships in therapy, in exercises of all types, in bodywork, meditation, and all kinds of other practices, only to find that although they may have gained a great deal of understanding, and their stress levels may have decreased substantially, that they have in fact, not solved the initial problem? In cases such as these, past life regression is frequently the method that finally brings them the answers they have been searching for with such fervor. Past life regression weaves together strands of eternal connection between you and others in your life that have had an important impact on you - whether that impact was positive or negative. One method for resolving the impact that was created is by re-living and understanding the bond or links that you share with the other person. This workshop which also includes a lengthy experiential group regression session, aims at explaining not only these fundamental timeless associations, but also how past life regression may be a tool in their comprehension.


Marbella: Guadalmina Alta (San Pedro de Alcantara)

Time: (for Saturday workshops): 10:30 – 14:30. Doors open at 10:00 (all other workshops, see times above)

Cost: 60 € in advance (bank transfer or deposit or cash), by the Thursday prior to the workshop date (midnight), or 85 € thereafter.


Astrology Workshop – Cost 100 €
Mini Workshops – Cost 25 €
Lunch & Learn (see above)

Further Information:

Email: info@advancedpersonaltherapy.com
Phone: +34 952 929 071

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