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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Today Started out Really Bad, and Then it Just Got Worse and Worse

You know how it goes: some days you just get out of bed with your left foot, you trip on your child's toy truck, and then when you turn on the shower, the water scalds you.

So you resign yourself to the fact that it's a bad day and that it will just get worse and worse. By resigning yourself, you give yourself a message, and it's negative. You are creating your day with the message and the mindset.
If, on the other hand, after the scalding shower incident, you tell yourself that ok, so I wasn't careful with the adjustment, and I forgot to check that Timmy's toys were put away, but the rest of this day is going to be good. And by the way, if something else happens that is somehow not as good as you wanted it to be, you give yourself this message: what can I learn from this? What other door to understanding does this event offer me?
You see the point? Your mindset makes an enormous difference.
The other day I stood in line waiting for a taxi in downtown Dubai at the entrance to an enormous shopping mall. People milled around me, and one European man griped that moving was such a drag. Getting oneself set up in a new home was so tiresome. I turned to him, smiling, and offered: it is what you make of it...you decide. You choose to see the glass as half empty or half full.

So, as always, it is your choice.

Posted from Dubai, UAE

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