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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Parent's Greatest Gift to Children

Budapest, Hungary
What is the most important thing you can give your children as a parent? Money? A good education? A great home? Luxurious vacations?

The most important gift is your own inner connection (see also my May 2007 Newsletter: Tending Your Inner Garden). Being connected to yourself means you have created a relationship to yourself; you have come to know yourself; you are comfortable with yourself; you are at ease being alone with yourself; your relationship with yourself gives you a sense of inner security; you are at peace with yourself thanks to this inner connection, and above all, you are aware of the fact that you are so much more than your outer covering..your body, or your profession, or your position in society, or your bank account.

So you don't take yourself so seriously, and you find it easy to laugh at yourself, and with others, and you know that life is not a vale of tears but a journey in growth that can be joyful, if you but listen to this inner connection. Part of it comes to you through your feelings, your energetic frequency as you go about your daily life, and recognize - due to the inner connection - that the energy you feel constantly needs to be readjusted in order that your course remains true.

I read a great analogy about this recently - in of all places, a book on weight loss by Tom Venuto called Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. The analogy is this: once a plane takes off from a runway, before it reaches its destination, it will make dozens if not hundreds of minute adjustments in order to stay on course. It does this automatically, it's part of its built-in controls. If it did not, it would never reach its destination.

And so it is with us, if we truly want to make the most of our inner connection...continually using our emotions, our state of feeling, our energetic frequency (our own built-in controls) to bring us back on track, in order that we may reach our destination which is, as I indicated in yesterday's post, The Absolutely Best Way of Giving to Others, to seek as great a state of feeling good as possible, then we can not afford to ignore all of these inner signals we are so much more aware of, if we have recognized and cultivated the inner connection.

All of these ways of connecting to your inner self, your real self, that give you so much, that allow you to understand so much, are precisely what allow you to give the greatest gift of all to your children: being the model of what a connection to your true inner essence can signify in the course of a lifetime.

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