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Monday, December 31, 2007


Our World
Heifer International is an organization I became aware of some years ago. In lieu of gifts for my friends and colleagues, I bought "shares" in a cow (it could have been another type of animal), to donate to a needy family in a third-world country. My friends were then informed that they had each "given" a portion of the cow via my gift to this family.

Heifer's gift catalog of animals can be found here. These animals are used by the family that receives them to supplement income, either via milk that the animals give, or eggs that the hens lay, honey that the bees produce, etc. These families then are asked to donate an animal to another needy family themselves, once the animal they have been given, produces offspring.
It's a sensational idea! It can make entire communities revitalize. And you can make the choice to become a part of it by being aware of the problem our world community faces. Hunger is not something only our governments should deal with...we can also deal with it on our own individual levels. Remember: we are all one. Hence, if one of us suffers, we all in some way suffer.

We simply cannot ignore that others are dying of hunger. We simply cannot ignore that others receive no education. We simply cannot continue to ignore our global injustice. Let us all do something to help. Anything.

Here is a brief 3 minute video about one woman's story:

And here is a 30 second trailer about the Heifer Organization.

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