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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Four Flawed “Truths” Upon Which Our Culture is Built

Today's title is blatantly lifted from Bruce Lipton's website. He has come out with another fascinating article to make you think, and more importantly, to make you realize how much everything truly lies in your own hands (thoughts, feelings, reactions ... all those things we keep talking about on this blog).

Bruce Lipton clearly states that the Human Genome Project has recently shattered one of Science's fundamental core beliefs: the concept of genetic determinism. Rather, he states: "The new science of epigenetics illuminates how our mind (perceptions, attitudes and emotions) shapes biology and behavior. "

He writes:

"It is obvious, even to the most Prozaced-out individual, that today’s global crises impacting the environment, health, economics and social stability are threatening the survival of human civilization. Suddenly, the old cartoon of some bearded weirdo carrying a placard reading, “The World is Ending!” doesn’t seem that funny. Media and government continuously focus our attention on the darkness of impending crises, however, recent advances in physics and biology offer a significantly different and amazingly hopeful alternative for these very same symptoms. "

The article is titled: The Rise of The Phoenix: An Evolving Global Humanity (click on the title to read the entire article).

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Gabriella-your effort to get your followers to employ their own thinking capacity is admirable! Thinking requires:each one personal energy(psycho-physiologic)When one thinks with effort energy resources light-up from their unconscious state &go into action to evolve better thinking & is that not what one wants better thinking?

    When the thinking ends this energy doesn't become unconscious again ;but is employed by its Ego Driver to bring satisfaction, its worth repeating:to bring satisfaction to its present being... ... ...