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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dream Symbols 22: Finding Buried Treasure

A dream in which you find buried treasure... perhaps a small wooden chest full of gold doubloons, or a stash of jewellery, or perhaps what you find is some money you had forgotten in an old coat pocket, or a silver locket at the back of a jumble drawer in the kitchen, such a dream is telling you something (as always) about yourself.

Treasure found is symbolic of a treasure in you that you are only now beginning to perceive or appreciate.

In the specific case of the silver locket at the back of a kitchen drawer into which you generally tend to throw all those things that you don't know what to do with, but don't yet want to throw away (it's the dream drawer, but in your dream you will know that this is what you use that drawer for), the dream is telling you that amongst the jumble of your daily life, your daily thoughts, and your daily activities, there is something shiny and valuable...and it is a part of you. You may have already become cognizant of it, or you may not yet have perceived it. Either way, the dream is encouraging you to look for it, become aware of it, and begin to incorporate it into your daily life. The fact that in the dream you took it out of the drawer and examined it and considered it an object of value, tells you that that is how you need to deal with it in real life.

If you found money in a coat pocket, perhaps a winter coat that you had not used since the year before (again, in the dream you know that this is how it is with that coat), your dream is symbolizing the finding of something valuable about yourself in a place you had forgotten.

Perhaps you learned a skill, a language, an art, many years ago that you were no longer using, and suddenly, in your life something could change if you incorporated this skill into your daily activities again.

If you found something tarnished, and decided to clean it, and realized that you now have a valuable coin, or brass, silver, or gold object in your hands, the symbolism may be that perhaps there is something about you that you had never considered valuable, that is now paying you unexpected dividends...either as part of your character, or perhaps as part of some real live financial windfall.

The symbolism of treasure found is always interesting in dreams and deserves some careful thought...it may manifest in your life on several levels, and only you can determine what those levels are.

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