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Monday, December 10, 2007

Are We Connected to Others?

Istanbul, Turkey
Listening to a Wayne Dyer CD recently, I was reminded of a book by Carl Gustav Jung that I read for the first time in my 20's, called Modern Man in Search of a Soul. Books such as this one give continually greater meaning on subsequent readings, because of the changes in yourself that allow you to understand the author's intent on other - higher - levels.

The concept of cycles or ever-higher spiraling stages in a lifetime has been examined by many disciplines, and is well worth a look.

In his book, Jung refers to different archetypes, or times in our lives, which Dyer paraphrases as follows (and there is a connection, of course, to Abraham Maslow's concept of hierarchy of needs here as well):

  • Athlete: our primary emphasis is on our body, what it can do, how strong it is, how good it looks
  • Warrior: at this time in our adult life we try to conquer, defeat, collect, win, set goals, get as much as we possibly can, our primary emphasis is on getting ahead, on accumulating, on achieving some sense of security
  • Statesman: now we no longer ask what's in it for me, but instead, shift to how may I serve? because that simply becomes more important for us...the emphasis is no longer on the I, but rather, on the you. (Note: this generally does not work well, until the person has a healthy love relationship and connection with him or herself...see also my May 2007 Newsletter: Tending Your Inner Garden)
  • Spirit: we begin to understand that this is not our home, and that these are not our bodies, and that none of this is real.

In the understanding of this, you begin to see yourself as the witness to your life, and you can let go of the ego (the part of you that says I am what I have, what I do, and what others think of me. It also says I am separate from you, rather than connected to you and that what I have is separate from you...there is a great deal of interesting material about the ego in A Course in Miracles).

Letting go of the ego offers enormous inner freedom, it offers a real possibility of living in the now (see also Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now), and finally, it offers the possibility of allowing us to see that we are truly all one, and that we are all connected. This higher consciousness, or mystical awareness allows you to see the connection that is there among all of us.

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