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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Absolutely Best Way of Giving to Others

The Elephant Arch in the Ennedi Region of Chad

This is so simple. Simple to tell, I mean...not so simple to put into practice.

The absolutely best way of giving to others, is by feeling good, by being happy...or at least by being in a state of general contentment. By being consciously happy. By consistently ensuring yourself that you keep pulling yourself back to a good state of being, rather than staying in a place inside of you that is angry, impatient, jealous, frustrated, stressed, etc.

It does not mean that you don't feel those negative feelings anymore, but it does mean that you take care of them as they occur, in the same way you would take care of a cut on your finger, or a break to your leg.

It means always making sure that you know how (and if you don't, you find out how...see articles listed below) to make yourself be able to be in that good state of being, in that content state of being, in that satisfied state of being, where you are the utmost you can be at this particular moment in time, so that you can be in such a good place to be able to give to others.

I often tell my clients that before they can give to others they have to give to themselves, and - lest they think I am condoning selfishness - the analogy I use is of the safety procedure in airplanes. Prior to take-off, the purser will demonstrate the proper use of life jackets and will tell you that if there were to be a decrease in pressure, an air mask would drop down in front of each passenger. They say before you adjust your children's air mask, put your own on... Obviously. If you put on your children's masks first, you may have already passed out from lack of oxygen, and then who will revive you, so that you can continue to care for them?

My topic today is similar because you will be of so much more use to everyone you touch in your life, if you have already taken care of yourself.

What this really comes down to, is the state of your energy. If you become aware of how much this is your own, personal, inner, private tool that lets you know when you are not on the right track, you will begin to use it (the way you feel) as an immediate sign (if your energetic frequency is not optimal) that you need to be doing something to shift your energy.

The more you do this, the more you recognize how much it is in your own hands, the more you will be charging your life with satisfaction, good feelings, and happiness no matter what the outer circumstances.

It is from that kind of an inner place that you are in the best position to give to others. So simple.

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  1. Gabriella... ... ...we're in step now
    Except for individual biologic function there is nothing,as you point out in you post, more important
    to ones well being then their psycho-physiologic energy level As the name implies this individual energy sustains both psychological as well as physiological systems To be a well functioning Ego Driven Self(you) both systems must operate in health!