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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Taking the State of Your Energy into Your Own Hands

Posting From Dubai:

Wind Energy
If you check out the right sidebar, you will find many links prefaced with an asterisk that will take you to websites where you may download audio material (some free, some not), or listen online to audio material that will be very helpful in maintaining your energy levels at a good place -- that place that we have so often discussed.

You might also like to take another look at my September 2007 Newsletter: Nurture Yourself to Happiness and Success, where you will also find many suggestions about how to get yourself into a good place from the energetic point of view, always understanding energy as that part of you that determines how well you feel at any given moment in time.

The main point is, if you have taken to heart some of what I have written about here in the past regarding the subject of energy, you now have a myriad number of tools in your hand to start making use of odd moments during your day, so that they can serve the purpose of increasing your energy exponentially, to eventually bring you to the place where you are no longer content to muddle along feeling so-so, and adjudicating it to the fact that well, it was one of those days...or...I just got out of bed the wrong way and everything went downhill from thereon in.

You will crave the good feelings that you can produce, you will crave the higher energetic frequency that is the product of that, and so you will consciously be making choices, more and more, in order to maintain this new energetic status quo because of the kind of information and energy you therefore are drawing to yourself.

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