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Friday, November 23, 2007

Our Doubts Are Our Enemies

Our doubts are our enemies...Shakespeare said it.

When you doubt yourself...

When you doubt your ideas...

When you doubt your capacity to do something specific...

When you doubt that you can overcome something...

When you doubt...

You place yourself into the position of being your own worst enemy.

Think of it this way. You are the general of an army. You plan to vanquish the enemy. Then, when you fail, you realize that it was the saboteurs, those sabotaging traitors who caused you to lose the battle.

The sabotage comes from your doubts. Vanquish those and you will vanquish all else.

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  1. Gabriella judging by your blog your insight is clearly functioning well... ... ...you instinctively seem
    to know what necessary information will lead to freedom of thinking... ...which can lead to abstracting ideas...that will or will not... ... impact decisively in a real pragmatic,existential world... ... ...& that's no lie!

  2. Hi Kurtis,

    Freedom of thinking clearly impacts on awareness, on choice, on responsibility of self, and ultimately on inner freedom, the greatest path to inner peace.