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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Life You Don't Lead

Atlas Mountains
Oscar Wilde said: One's real life is often the life that one does not lead.

Why would that be one's real life? Think for a moment how frequently you get side-tracked by what others think. You have a plan or a desire or an idea, and then, because of censure you feel you might receive from others or because someone says something to you that is critical or derisory about what you are planning, you set your own ideas aside.

They have been annihilated. And you can't really blame the other person - they merely stated their opinion. The problem is that you listened, and let it affect you to the point that you buried your own thoughts and are now living life -at least in this respect - according to what the other person has said...and where is your own life?

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  1. ... ... ...unfortunately that is so true Gabriella... ...people suppress there own true desire for others More often then not its ill advised unsound reasoning!...after all desire is personal...&why individuals feel the necessity to seek others approval to fulfill a personal desire is beyond my understanding...If they don't do it they hold themselves & the butting in person responsible for the lost anticipated pleasure!

  2. I believe the worst of it is not that others are held responsible, but that the person with the idea in the first place, isn't even aware of the fact that he/she himself in 100% responsible for having allowed the other person to talk him/her out of it.

    It's in coming to that state of awareness, that people can begin the process of putting their own life into their own hands, rather than looking to blame anyone for anything...never a good idea...puts the onus of it all outside of you, rather than in you...