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Monday, November 12, 2007

Insomnia: Cure it Without Pills?

For those who suffer from it, insomnia can be a nightmare. Some just get it occasionally, some find it hard to fall asleep, some fall asleep like a baby, but then wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep, for some it comes with age (andropause and menopause are often the culprits, imbalanced hormone levels), and for some it is anxiety, fear, stress, hopelessness, helplessness, and panic.

Many who suffer from it reach for pills. Not a particularly good solution, there tend to be side effects, you will often require higher dosages after a time, some make you feel groggy or give you fuzzy thinking, some - most are addictive, and certainly, for the day you wish to live without them, you will first need to re-accustom your body to sleeping on its own, another form of insomnia, and will take some determination and will-power.

Plus, of course, you lose control over that quintessential part of yourself...your sleeping self...and so you might like to reconsider what you do in order to sleep or not sleep. Having been a part-time insomniac myself, I got back into rhythm using more or less what is suggested in this article I just found in the NY Times, although in my case, my return from insomnia came a long time ago. It did require patience and perseverance, however...Rome was not vanquished in a day. Have a look:

Curing Insomnia Without the Pills

For people with chronic insomnia, studies show that simple behavioral and psychological treatments work just as well, and sometimes better, than popular medications read more


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