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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Hate My House, I Hate My Job, I Hate This CIty, I Hate My Life...or the Plasticity of Your Brain

Aiguille Percée (Eye of the Needle Rock), French Alps
Someone said to me recently that he hated the house he lived in. When I asked why, he gave me all kinds of reasons, that actually made sense, and that the worst part was, according to him, that he could not afford to move or buy a new place.

So I guess that means he has to put up with it, right? Put on a good face to deal with a bad situation. The same thing could be applied to hating his job, the city he lives in, huge aspects of his life.


It's all in the attitude. It's all in the choices he chooses to make.

Let's say he truly can't move just now. Or he truly can't get another job just now. Or move to another city. (Let me digress a moment here and foretell his future if he moves to a new city with the same attitude he currently has...he will soon find something not to like about the new city as well).

By consciously deciding that he is going to like his house or like his job, he is actually taking a decision that makes a lot of sense:
  • First, he will start looking for positive points that will allow him to see something to like about the house and the job.

  • Second, as he does that - because he has decided that he wants to like the house or the job despite all the reasons for the contrary - he will find something amusing or funny about the turnabout he is doing.

  • Third, in so doing, he will begin to recognize that his brain is willing to do what he commands it to do.

  • Fourth, as this process continues, he will notice that he is feeling a lot better - ipso facto - just because he is directing his attention to positive, rather than negative things to do with the house or job

  • Fifth, as he carries a whole other level of energetic vibration due to the above, he will also attract another type of person and situation into his life, that may well, eventually, lead him to the possibility of finding another house or job.

Look carefully at what you are complaining about. Ask yourself if it is really worth the price you pay on so many levels in negative energy. Read also previous posts on this blog about how you can raise your energy here, about the brain here , and about making choices here.

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