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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exclusion and Religion

Our Planet in the middle of the Universe at night
Whom does your religion exclude?

Or do you have spiritual beliefs that cause you to believe that certain people will just not make it (whatever make it implies).

Who will not reach the kingdom of heaven if they don't do this or that, or recant, or convert, or throw themselves on God's mercy (whose God exactly are we talking about?)?

Missionaries...such a strange breed I always thought...what causes them to believe that what they have to offer is better than what the natives believe? I kind of feel the same way when the Jehovah´s Witnesses come a-ringing...or, for that matter, the Seventh Day Adventist's...but of course it's all really all the same. As a child, immured in fundamentalism, question marks dotted my brain when I saw what had to be done to be accepted by God. Or to what lengths people when to, in order to convince others that their way was the right way. How did they know, I wondered.

Then came the indoctrination against other religions. Well, heathens are like this, but we must feel sorry for them, but Catholics are like that, and belong to Rome, so they are bad (what, the question marks asked, dancing their way into my psyche...why are they bad...and why do we feel sorry for the others?)

And Jews...well Jews are a whole other story...voices would hush as explanations were given that made no more sense than the others with those other religions. And Muslims...again, other stories that sounded like something our of A Thousand and One Nights. The question marks inundated my being...by now I was a bit older and more autonomous, so I decided to have a look around...Unitarians, Church of England, Presbyterians, Baptists, Zoroastrians, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox...the mind boggled.

Why, I asked, can't we realize that all roads can potentially lead to the same place? Why must one be more right than the other?

And then I realized: if a religion excludes anyone, it simply cannot be true. As simple as that.

NOTE: Isn't it fascinating that the etymological (root) meaning of catholic is universal???

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  1. -good point Gabriella-gods& his/her power realizations are aah...rather can be created by ones own imagination... ...why indeed would incorporate...others beliefs into ones personal belief system of a vengeful,angry, willing to punish,keep you on your knees,cheap money grubbing god???
    -not to mention the variety of polytheistic gods that one genetically inherits through generations getting rid of these would not only result in a significant drop in ridiculous influence ;but result in personal increase in psycho-physiologic energy... ... ...

  2. Hi Kurtis...hmm, not so sure I would want to get rid of the gods...whichever ones they might be...as much as get rid of the outer institutions that pretend to translate them for us, insisting that they know what is right.

    So the gods per se, aren't as much the "culprit", in my opinions, as their "managers".