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Friday, October 19, 2007

Jean Houston's Mystery School

This video, just under 10 minutes long, is about Jean Houston's Mystery School that has been an ongoing endeavour for over 24 years.

Mystery School is for anyone who has ever asked a question, who has wanted to expand his or her consciousness, or who has wanted to find what he is here on this earth to do.

I highly recommend you read (among several others) Jean Houston's A Mythic Life: Learning to Live our Greater Life, her fascinating autobiography.

Amazon has this to say about her and the book: Houston psychologist, author, mathematician, scholar, and student of humanity has had many amazing life experiences, as we learn in this autobiography, including fascinating encounters with other people and cultures. She describes these personal events and uses them to try to lead us toward a new human experience. She illustrates the potential that we all have within us, if only we can learn to see ourselves as part of a greater whole. Houston believes that myth corresponds with all aspects of human existence and that it is the link that can lead us to our spiritual source. The author's enthusiasm and energy are felt on every page, but her writing is not always easy to follow. This book may not be in the same league as the work of Joseph Campbell (with whom she has done research), but it will undoubtedly be popular with readers of New Age material.

Here is another brief video (8 min) of Jean Houston herself, speaking about the concept of time. It is titled The Mystery of Making a Difference.

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