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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Enrich Your Vocabulary and Feed Hungry People From Your PC

Go to this website, http://www.freerice.com/, get the words right, and rice will be donated to the starving…

I spent 15 min on it yesterday and again 15 minutes today, and got 2,000 grains, which is something like 10 bowls of rice…no big deal in the big picture of things, but if we all do it, and not just once, but several times, plus send the information on to others, it will add up!

This website started up only on October 7th, 2007 and has already attracted enormous numbers of people. Join them, test your vocabulary (don't worry, no one is watching!), and who knows, you may come out richer in words. (By the way, if you make a mistake, they tell you the proper meaning of the word in question, and you simply try with a new word.)

It's a great cause that just costs you a bit of time, but can improve your vocabulary simultaneously! Remember we are all one, and if one of us dies of starvation, it not only reflects on us as a global community, but it is a part of us that dies.

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