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Monday, October 8, 2007

Dream Symbols 19: Sweets, Chocolates, Pastries

When we dream of sweets, chocolates, pastries, bakeries, pastry shops, cafés where such things are sold and consumed, we often dream of actually filling ourselves to excess with such food, or of desiring it, but for some reason not being able to have it. We may find ourselves outside of the chocolate shop looking in, and not having enough money in our pocket to purchase any of the delectable tidbits, or pehaps the shop is closed, or there is no room in the café, and so on.

Food that gives us such pleasure and satisfaction, food that has the capacity to give us happiness, is frequently a symbol of our feeling world. In other words, something about the dream has to do with our emotions, our love relationships, and the way we deal with all of this.
Hence, if we have indulged in too many sweets, and consequently feel stuffed, or ill, it may symbolize how we feel about a relationship we are in, and the emotions involved in it. Perhaps we place too much importance on the relationship, losing sight of balance in our life, and the dream is symbolizing that.
If we are not able to get into the café, or the pastry shop is closed, perhaps we are not able to bring the relationship to a point where we feel any kind of emotional fulfillment. We literally feel we are standing on the outside looking in. We may feel poor in relationships or emotions, if the reason we can not indulge in sweets or chocolates is the fact that we don't have enough money in our pocket or wallet. If the sight of the unavailable food makes our stomach growl with hunger, we may desperately want emotional fulfillment, but are unable to bring it into our lives.
If, conversely, the dream is showing us eating the delicious morsels and thoroughly enjoying them, we may literally be in a marvelously fulfilling relationship.
Don't forget that the symbols of a dream don't necessarily always show us what the next step is. They merely point to where we currently are, or might be, in order to make us more consicous of the fact. Once conscious, and often only once conscious, are we able to make changes, and move in a more satisfactory and satisfying direction.
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