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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Don't Let Anybody Take Your Dream From You!

My radio show today was about the topic of life dreams - those dreams that you have about how you would like something (whatever) to be in your life at some point, and about not letting others take your dream from you.

Dreams of this type are so infinitely important to the quality of our lives...whether we become aware of them when we are 12, or whether we do so when we are 60, or whether we dust them off at any stage of our lives, remembering how blissfully we used to dream about fulfilling those dreams, and then just forgot about them. So now, for whatever reason, we are at another point in our lives, and have the opportunity to revisit those dreams, and to do something concrete about accomplishing them. What a blast!

Dreams should not be ignored, and particularly, you should never let anyone talk you out of your dreams.

Due to the response I received to the show, I would just like to reiterate some of the points made in the show:

1. What your dream is:
  • something that gives meaning to your life
  • something that gives you a buzz, a sense of excitement, high energy, butterflies (of the good kind) in your solar plexus
  • something that tells you - as opposed to so many others - that you actually already know what you want, so you are blessed!

2. What your dream is not:

  • something crazy
  • something childish
  • something that you should ignore
  • something that will lead you to failure

3. What others may say to you about your dream:

  • it's totally unrealistic
  • it will never work
  • it's childish
  • it's crazy
  • it's too hard
  • don't you realize that something so easy could never be of any value?
  • it's too risky
  • no one else has ever done it before
  • no one will like it
  • no one will want it
  • no one will believe it
  • no one will accept it
  • it's a sure road to failure
  • it's nonsense
  • it's not serious
  • it's not what a grown man (woman) should do
  • it's ridiculous
  • do you realize what people will say about you if you do that?
  • why do you think you might succeed where so many others have tried and failed?

Realize that the same buzz", the same special energy you feel whenever you think about whatever it is that your dream is all about, is something so special, something so important, that this very feeling is what can most move you in the direction of your goals, your dream, but only if you hold on to that feeling, that energy.

Even when your dreams change direction slightly, you will know you are on the right track, as long as you continue to have the feeling, the buzz, the energy. It's a direct inner connection to your inner self, that voice inside of you that warns you just before a car comes racing around the corner at the second you were about to step out into its path, that voice (or feeling) inside of you that warns you about that person you just met at the dinner party, who at first glance seems so wonderful, just what you were looking for, and yet, there may be something you need to look at more closely, and thanks to listening to that voice, you do so, before jumping off the precipice, and you find out why your inner voice communicated with you. Call it intuition, call it buzz, call it energy, there is a spark that we feel when that inner communication comes out and speaks to us.

If you feel this, if you are familiar with this, then it is paramount that you hang on to it. Don't think that just because others aren't doing it, or aren't paying conscious attention to it, that it isn't real. Count yourself very lucky - blessed - to have it in your life in such a clear way. You've connected to your inner source, in this case, your passion, and that is something you should welcome and nourish. As Wayne Dyer put it: Don't die with your music still inside you.

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