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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carl Jung XI: Wisdom of the Dream Part 1 of 3 (see note)

Here is part 1 of 3 of Jung's video titled Wisdom of the Dream. This one is just over 27 minutes long. If you have not watched the earlier sections, please see below.

Nine sections of a 17-part video series about dreams had already been posted here on the blog (plus one about death) as you can see below. However, it appears parts 10-17 are no longer available, and thus I have been able to find the entire 17 parts in another format, where they are split into three sections, two of which are roughly 27 minutes long, and the third is 51 minutes long. Today's 27-minute bit is already available in shorter sections below, but I add it here for the sake of continuity, and the final two sections will go up shortly.

Previous videos about Jung are here:

Carl Jung I: Death
Carl Jung II: Wisdom of the Dream - Part I
Carl Jung III: Wisdom of the Dream Part 2
Carl Jung IV Wisdom of the Dream Part 3
Carl Jung V: Wisdom of the Dream Part 4
Carl Jung VI: Wisdom of the Dream Part 5
Carl Jung VII: Wisdom of the Dream Part 6
Carl Jung VIII: Wisdom of the Dream Part 7
Carl Jung IX: Wisdom of the Dream Part 8
Carl Jung X: Wisdom of the Dream Part 9

You can also find a series of posts on this blog about dreams by clicking here.

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