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Monday, October 1, 2007

Bloggers and Blogging

There are 4000 plus temples littering the Bagan plains in Burma. Sunset view of the temples and Irrawaddy River from Shesandaw Pagoda, Bagan. Photo Credit

Although this blog is not about blogging, occasionally I have posted something that has more to do with blogging than with inner growth, simply because I feel that anyone who regularly reads blogs, may also be interested in blogging, but not interested enough to go out there looking at specific blogs that deal with it.

While I was getting myself set up to start this blog back in April 2007, I asked my webmaster who so artfully takes care of most of my website (although I do upload and update some aspects of it myself), what I should read to get up to speed on blogs. He then sent me numerous articles, that in turn sent me off to numerous blogs that deal specifically with blogging.

At that point I chose to receive some of them as a feed. That means that you click on your feed icon in your browser and it serves you all the new posts on all the feeds you have stored...but it's quite different than the "my favorites" many of us were familiar with, as we stored our favorite website links there, because the feeds icon actually lets you know which of the feeds have posted something you have not yet read...so of course you save a lot of time. (For those who don't know how to do what I'm talking about, look near the top of your browser, on Internet Explorer you will find it on the menu near your printer icon...it's a square icon which shows orange as long as you remain on my blog, but if you go to a static website, which rarely changes content, the same icon shows grey...and if you click on this orange icon, it will tell you that you will be able to view feeds, and then a new window opens that shows you the latest feeds (posts) of the blog or active (as opposed to static) website respectively. Just under the top post, it will say subscribe to this feed, and if you click there, it will take you through the next steps.

Once back on your browser, you will see (with Internet Explorer), a single large star on the upper left menu, and beside it a smaller star with a green cross over it. Clicking on the large star takes you to your list of favorite websites, or your list of feeds. Clicking on the feeds takes you to the list of whatever you have stored, and each of those will be bolded, if new material has been posted by the owner since the last time you looked at it.

Simple, right?

I got side-tracked because what I wanted to share about blogging today was a wonderful post I came across about finding blogging jobs, for those out there who want to start generating income via blogging ... believe me, many people are doing it, and many more are thinking about it. Well, here's your one-stop shopping for that. (And by the way, on that blog, the orange icon is grey, because the blog itself has a large orange icon that you can click to get the same results as described above). Happy hunting!

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