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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Total, Out-Of-The-Box Innovative Thinking

iDeAZing from http://www.grasshopper.com/
Flipping through blogs and other people's websites is a pastime I'd dearly love to have more time for. Sometimes you find some real gems...

In this case, I ran into a blog called Grasshopper Enterprises: Borders of Science, Borders of Imagination. The particular post I was so mesmerized by offers a free download of an iDeAZing.

iDeAZing is a creativity tool. It’s based on the premise that many “new” ideas are actually innovative combinations of existing options. The approach the blog owners have automated is a technique called morphological analysis.

iDeAZing can assist in exploring novel ideas in almost any arena; your creativity in defining the dimensions for ideas will be amplified in the combinations presented back. Read on.


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