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Monday, September 24, 2007

A Romp Around the Press 1

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This is the first post in what I plan on making a fairly regular feature in this blog: a romp around the press, eclectically chosen publications, and eclectically chosen articles that in some fashion tie in to the general theme of this blog of psychology, transformation, and freedom.

In each instance, by clicking on the link, you will be taken to the appropriate article.

Bill Gates tells us that saving the world is within our grasp. The evidence is in: we can stop diseases like malaria and TB from killing millions of people each year.

Although women are changing corporate culture, it's still lonely at the top. Experts and women executives discuss perception and reality.

The Economist writes about India’s secular greens and the devoutly religious who are on the same side in this instance of fervor against the dredging of a strait for the creation of a shipping canal across the Palk Strait between India and Sri Lanka.

Does this girl need lipo? Meet the specialists who said yes – and suggested Botox, too. The cynicism of (some) plastic surgeons is exposed. In another slant, we are informed that men's breasts are no joking matter. Age and hormonal imbalance creates a breast-like formation for many men. And in My Thai Colonic Irrigation, Ian Belchers recounts how he endured seven days of enemas ten years ago, and now, on a return visit he lost a stone, and some wrinkles...

Mind Reading is one of those subjects many of us look at with a certain amount of skeptcism. Yet Psychology Today tells us whether we know it or not, we're all street-corner psychics. Without the ability to divine others' thoughts and feelings, we couldn't handle the simplest social situations—or achieve true intimacy with others.

Want to train your MBA mind? Visit the MBA Gym, designed to give you some useful insights into what you might learn at business school. Each "workout" provides a free 15-minute introduction to some key business ideas. The purpose is to help you decide if an MBA could help you go further.

The 2006 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year award was won by China Shakes the World, a “gripping” exploration of the economic and business implications of China’s breakneck growth.

Is silver the solution for what ails you? Want to get rid of germs? Mold and grime? Smelly feet? A growing number of scientists and businessmen say such a miracle substance exists, and in fact has for millions of years: Silver. Innovative technologies and approaches have fueled an explosion of products taking advantage of silver's antibacterial properties. Consumers today can buy clothes, disinfectants, laundry machines and other items that utilize silver as an active agent.


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