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Monday, September 17, 2007

Rock Paper?

Tree at twilight. Photo Courtesy www.epod.usra.edu
If you watch BBC, this - that there is such a thing as paper made from rocks - will not be news to you. But to me it was until a moment ago, when I heard about it, and then did a quick search on google.

It appears paper can now be manufactured from rocks, or, to be more precise, from mineral powder, presumably from rocks...read on

What is Rock Mineral Rich Paper?

In order to produce a metric ton of traditional wood pulp papers, an average of four metric tons of wood chips is utilised, which is the equivalent of felling approximately 23 large trees.

Rock Mineral Rich Paper differs from wood pulp papers in that, its composition consists of a large proportion of inorganic minerals (calcium carbonate) with a small infusion of non-toxic resin. This produces a unique tree-free paper with a 2:1 tear ratio that is highly water resistant and eco-friendly as well.
Read more.

Rock Paper: For Tree-less Photo Printing, an article about the advantages of rock paper over regular paper for color printing, and ViaStone: Biodegradable Paper Made From Stone, another article about tree-less paper.

This may not solve all our global warming problems, but it certainly sounds as though it is one of the steps we could take in the right direction.


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