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Monday, September 10, 2007

Dream Symbols 16: The House Part 5: The Cellar

Gothic Cellar. Photo Credit
Coming back to the parts of the house section of this series, the cellar is an interesting phenomenon, as it refers to the lowest part of the house, the part that is actually interred underneath the part of the house that is visible and above ground.

This “under the ground” or subterranean aspect of a house is highly interesting because it may symbolize all those parts of our psyche that are not visible and somehow “interred” within us. Here we may be speaking of repressed memories, for example, and if a dreamer tends to visit the cellar of his dream house frequently, then it may be that in real life he is on the search for something that his conscious mind has forgotten or repressed and that he wishes to retrieve.

In much of the writing about Jung, and in particular, in his own autobiographical Memories, Dreams, and Reflections a dream he had as a child is recounted about his own descent into not only a cellar, but also much that lay beneath it, and the manner in which this influenced his future professional life.

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