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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Dream Symbols 15: Water, Swimming and Drowning

Water. Photo Credit
Water in dreams is often described as being a symbol of the unconscious or subconscious mind.

At that level, if we find ourselves in water, swimming, floundering, drowning, trying to reach an unattainable shore, mingling with an assorted selection of other creatures, such as snakes, dragons, whales, dolphins, etc., we could well assume that the dream is telling us something about the state of our unconscious mind.

Something is happening at a level we are not conscious of, that the dream is attempting to help us become aware of it.

So the first thing you might do, after having had such a dream, is to tell yourself that the dream indicates that something from another level of awareness is trying to pass over to the conscious level. Just knowing and accepting this as a possibility could mean that you begin to understand what the dream is about.

Let's say you have just begun therapy. Or perhaps you have started dating someone who delves deeply into you. Or you have made a new friend who has caused you to think about matters you had long shelved in a dusty closet. The water dream could be indicating that the matters you are considering in therapy, or in the relationship, or in the friendship, are matters that are causing you to swim in this water.

Is the water murky? Are you afraid while you are in it? Or is it a pleasurable swim? Do you fear what might be lurking under your feet (remember Jaws?). Or is the water translucent and warm as a Caribbean sea?

The fact that you are trying to reach the other shore, but seem to be having great difficulty doing so, might symbolize that you will need to find some kind of support system while you undergo the situation in which you are currently find yourself in real life.

Water - and the unconscious mind - are not only places of danger, but also places of growth and abundance. A dream of this nature should help you think about what is going on below the obvious levels and perhaps come to a greater understanding of yourself.

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