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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Boomers Seeking Meaning

Fez, Morocco
Another interesting article about meaning and aging and retirement appeared in Forbes Magazine recently.

A new book by author William C. Byham 70: The New 50 is referred to in the article as the author "reports that some companies and workers are figuring out how to make both parties happy. The projected life expectancy of a baby boomer who is 60 is 83. But, as Byham reports, not only are people living longer, age doesn't mean the same thing it used to. "read more

Age not meaning the same thing it used to is a clear indication of a paradigm change in global consciousness. I've written a number of posts about aging, and many writers including myself have come up with the concept of conscious aging. Precisely because the older sector of the population has begun to age with a greater degree of consciousness, the population is beginning to show signs of aging in a whole different way than our grand parents and great grandparents, and even our parents did.

We see more vitality, more health, more youthful curiosity and flexibility, we see more engagement with life apart from the family, and we see people who not only see meaning in their lives, but people who find that they continue to achieve fulfilling lives, no matter their ages.

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