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Sunday, August 19, 2007

More on Self-Actualizing People

Republic of Mali, Western African nation bordered by Algeria, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast

Another thing Maslow often repeated to Wayne Dyer (see post of two days ago about self-actualizers and Maslow) about the kind of person that self-actualizes was this:

They are different from others in that they:
  • are independent of the good opinion of others, i.e. they do whatever it is that they do because they are convinced of it, and because it drives them, not because someone else approves or disapproves, praises or criticizes

  • are detached from the outcome, i.e., they do whatever it is that they do because there is a meaning in it for them, and not because it will bring them money, fame, or good will, respect, prestige, or position in society

  • have no investment in power or control over overs

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