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Friday, August 24, 2007

Life, Living, and Love

Jasmine, Hindu symbol of love

Love is a subject I have touched upon in posts here quite frequently, and you can find some of these by clicking on emotions or love.

Life is meant for the living (nothing new there), and living - really living - implies loving. Loving implies showing you love, which we all do in a myriad number of ways, by physical demonstrations, by kindnesses, by gentleness, by nurturing, by giving gifts, by giving help, by caring for someone in times of illness or ill fortune, by saying certain words and making certain gestures, by showing joy when we reunite with people we love whom we don't always see, by doing unexpected loving things for someone who is not always at our side, and so on.

We know all this...so what's the point???

Do it.

That is the point. We know it all and yet we so often neglect to do it simply because we don't have the time, or we're tired, or something else comes in the way. And yet a loving smile or gesture can mean so much to the one who receives it.

Do it. Never stop doing it, Show your love to those you love.

And you know, there is an added benefit...it makes you feel better too, and, according to all the studies I have mentioned in previous posts here and in articles on my website, the mere action of being loving gives you happiness as well.

One final point that you may wish to consider: if you have read previous posts here about intertwined molecules, you may have come to realize that we are all indeed one...humanity is not a mass of separate beings (rich, poor, black, white, first world, third world, young, old, good neighbourhood, wrong side of the tracks, and so on), but a mass of intertwined molecules...we have cutting-edge quantum physics to thank for these insights, and that of course, begs the question: why only love those that we love? Could we not conceivably love all?

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