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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dream Symbols 14: Murder

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Murder in dreams can have many different symbolic meanings, but the one I would like to concentrate on today is the one that implies the self.

Let's examine two scenarios: in one you are being murdered by someone, and in another you are murdering someone. In either instance you may or may not know the other person or persons involved. Let's say you are being smothered, choked, hung, or otherwise having the very breath of life forced out of your body. Symbolically this may indicate that something in your environment that you are not being vigilant about, is figuratively choking the life out of something that means something to you. Perhaps you are working on a project and it is dying a slow death because of this symbolic choking that you are permitting, or not fighting against.

You may find yourself being murdered in your dream by being sliced open with many small wounds that will cause a slow and painful death. Horrendous and horror movie-like that it sounds, on a symbolical level, this dream may indicate that in waking life you are losing your life's blood...your energy....your vitality...due to someone else's machinations in your professional or creative life.

If, on the other hand, it is you who are murdering someone else in the dream, it may be of prime importance to first determine whether the person is an adult or a child or a baby. This size may symbolize the relative importance of that which you are murdering. In other words, if it's a baby, you may be symbolically destroying something you have barely gestated, something that is barely standing on its own two feet. Try to remember the feelings you had while you murdered it. Were you in a rage? Perhaps the project is thwarting your skills. Were you sad? Perhaps your project is something you would dearly love to complete, but for some reason feel you must put an end to it...perhaps other obligations stand in the way.

In the instance that you were murdering an older child or an adult, or even a very old person, you might look for the symbolism of something that has already been in your life for a while, or perhaps even a very long time. Perhaps you are killing it because you no longer want or need it, or perhaps the murdering is taking place because it is a negative element in your life. On the other hand, reasons such as those elaborated in the previous paragraph may also apply.

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