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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Animating Dormant Lives

The Medina, Chefchaouen, Morocco
Listening to a Caroline Myss, Ph.D. tape recently in the car (as I have often recommended that my readers do as well...i.e., listen to any thinker you may find valuable, not necessarily anyone in particular that I might recommend, but one that interests you specifically, this serves not only to inform, but also to maintain your energy, your energetic frequency on levels you might not achieve on your own at the beginning...it is a wonderful tool to make use of).

OK, I'll start over...listening to Caroline Myss recently (a keynote address at the Omega Institute), she referred to the concept of dormant lives waiting to be animated. She was talking about seeing clients, people who had come to her for a myriad number of reasons, mainly concerning their health (Myss is a medical intuitive)and referring to the fact that many of these people were so supremely unaware of the dormant seeds in their lives that carried so much promise.

These were the dormant lives she referred to, that were waiting to be animated by some well-aimed phrase, or some workshop, or some session with a healer, etc.
And it got me thinking...how many of us are holding dormant seeds, frequently unknowingly? The germination process has not begun because water is missing, or sunlight, or because the seed lies too deeply embedded or too shallowly placed. But what little it would take to bring out the greatness! To let the first budding leaves emerge! A realization, a desire, a commitment, an inspiration, inner growth, motivation, a search for meaning in life, some persistence, faith and belief in ourselves.
Let's not live our lives and die with the seeds that lie within us still in a dormant state, or, as Wayne Dyer would put it, let's not die with our music still inside us.


  1. Hi Gabriella, Amy here, a lot of dormant seeds of mine have been awakened thanks to some of Carolyn Myss' works, especially Sacred Contracts. My new creativity and writing workshops I'm offering this fall are partial fruit of that. I will send you info on them to your e-mail. I'm on with Brenda at 12.30p on OCI tomorrow to talk about them as well, but I don't think we overlap, do we?
    Will be in touch soon. Amy

  2. Hi Amy,

    Welcome aboard!

    Congratulations on your blog...I'm glad you decided to take it on after we talked about it in the spring - it seems so well suited to you, and I'm sure you'll agree that it is actually much more fun than work.