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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Process of Success


This is an amazing quote I recently read by Andrew Matthews Matthews:

Nature always takes her time. Great oaks don't become great overnight. They also lose a lot of leaves, branches and bark in the process of becoming great.

We can probably all take this to heart. And we can further the analogy a bit...as the great oak is growing, it may suddenly shoot up in a spurt, and for a time it appears as though a great deal of growth is taking place very quickly, and then it slows down again.
And when the leaves begin to fall we don't despair, and believe that the future great oak is dying or has stopped growing. We know that it will continue again a little later once this current process of transformation has come to completion. There may come a time when it is necessary to cut off a branch that is sick or dead. This is also no reason to despair, become frustrated, or lose faith.

Patience with our own success and consequent growth is sometimes necessary. More than patience however, is the recognition that persistence and constancy are part of the process. Step by step, inch by inch, leaf by leaf does the great oak emerge. Inner freedom comes from the knowledge that everything has its time.

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